Katie Gallagher F/W 2010

Katie Gallagher 19

Designer Katie Gallagher presented her fall/winter 2010 collection last Monday, February 15th at the Soho Grand hotel. When I first arrived, the space was so crowded it was nearly impossible to see the clothing. After a short while, the crowds cleared and I could see the entirety of the presentation. Which was gorgeous:

Katie Gallagher 35

Entitled “The Heart of the Woods and What I Found There”, the collection like the previous season, was inspired by one of Katie’s paintings ““Everything I make starts with my paintings, which I’ve done every season prior to construction. I love to try to re-create a three-dimensional version of whatever I’ve drawn; it requires pretty unconventional pattern-making.” *

Half of the collection was all black, and the other half a mix of white, silver, and cream. The combination was a beautiful collection of sheer leggings, tailored dresses, and satin, beaded, and leather jackets. The juxtaposition of materials would seem overwhelming in the hands of some designers, but Gallagher’s designs smoothly blend everything together to create something quite beautiful and ethereal.

Katie Gallagher 3

Katie Gallagher 26

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Katie Gallagher 28

The entire presentation was viewed with only natural light from the windows streaming in. Trees surrounded the models, and even their fingernails, which were talon-like with burned tips, took on an organic quality.

Katie Gallagher 29

Hair was equally wild, and big. With tribal-esque eyeliner to match:
Katie Gallagher 5

Katie Gallagher 22

Katie Gallagher 10

Katie Gallagher
Katie with her models.

Katie Gallagher 37

Beloved for her design sensibility which seems to be a mix of one part Rick Owens, one part dance wear, and one part organic sci-fi, Katie has been popping up on quite a few “up and coming designers” lists. If you’re smart, you’ll keep an eye on this promising young designer’s work!

See the full photo set here.
For stock photos visit ELLE.com (*Designer quote via Elle.com)