Rent the Runway Goes Vintage Party


Last night, I braved the torrential downpour to head down to the What Goes Around Comes Around SoHo store to celebrate their new collaboration with Rent the Runway: Starting today, you can now rent vintage Chanel accessories via their site!

Modeling the jewelry:


RTW co-founder Jennifer Hyman showing off some of the Chanel bags.

I got to see (and touch) some of the items available, while sipping delicious passion fruit cocktails.

DJ Rajni

Dance Party

Sidney from Krupp Group and Daphne

Sidney x Chanel

The jewelry and bags are gorgeous, and in perfect condition. Insuring that if you rent a piece, you’ll be getting something impeccable — which is never a sure thing buying vintage Chanel from somewhere like ebay. And of course, by renting (for around $150-350) you will literally save thousands of dollars!

Sign up, and start renting here!

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho: Outtakes

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (120)

Last week, I did a photo shoot with the Man Repeller at Tibi in Soho. As you may have seen from the earlier sneak peek I shared, it was quite the event! Dogs of all sizes, bicycles, and Sienna Miller inspired pants-less outfits were involved.

Tibi has the finished shots from fellow photographer Caroline on their blog, and Leandra shared some images from both of us on her site. I thought I’d post some more amazing photos from behind the scenes of one of the most hilarious photo shoots I’ve ever done.

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (2)

When I first arrived, Leandra was putting outfits together from the Spring ’11 collection, so I busied myself capturing some of the atmosphere.
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (15)

There are a lot of fun things to look at in the Tibi store. This was my first time visiting, so I really enjoyed the little touches, like Amy’s inspiration board and sketches:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (7)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (6)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (4)
I miss bright colors. Spring weather, please come soon!

The first shot was outside. Luckily, that morning the weather was on our side and it wasn’t too cold:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (8)
Leandra looking very “Saturday Night Fever”.

Proving she’s earned those harem pants, Leandra revealed she is actually a genie, and can fly:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (12)

Back inside, Amy helped Leandra style her next pick:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (17)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (21)

From cute summer frock to…something else:

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (28)

A sample fall ’11 skirt that Leandra loved on the runway happened to be in the store, so she got to play with that too!

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (33)

Back outside, things quickly got goofy:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (36)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (38)

Up the street, we spotted a massive tiger-striped dog. We all joked about using him for the shoot, so I said we should definitely ask to borrow him. And his owner said yes!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (44)

If you were wondering who was stronger, and you guessed Leandra, you were wrong:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (42)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (46)
Cracking up after getting yanked around.

Once the pooch was stationary, he was quite the model:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (49)

Another baby sized dog walked by, and the contrast between the two was quite hilarious:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (52)

Doggie #1 had to go, so we asked, and #2’s owner agreed to let her model too!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (55)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (63)

Back inside, there were a few more outfit changes:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (78)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (83)

Out on the cobblestone street, Leandra experimented with twirling, fake cab hailing, and directing traffic:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (86)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (87)
This move inspired a cab’s passenger to jump out and scream “get the hell out of the way!”. So rude.

Making use of all available props in the neighborhood, we found a freakishly tall bicycle:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (94)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (97)

Amy found a dress shirt/bodysuit combination, and accessorized it with DIY Tibi collar:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (98)

Add in black tights, and you have a Man Repeller meets Sienna Miller look!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (102)

The ensemble earned Leandra some strange looks from those passing by. But a local handyman approved, and was so impressed he let her help fix some water pipes:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (105)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (107)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (110)

The final shot of the day (and my personal favorite): Leandra “trapped” in the Tibi store window:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (118)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (125)

See the full (hilarious) photo set here.

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (128)
Leandra and Tibi designer Amy Smilovic.

Fashion’s Night Out: Gwen Stefani at Sephora Soho

Gwen at Sephora 50

It might have been over two weeks ago, but I’m still giddy about my Fashion’s Night Out experience at Sephora Soho. I never would have guessed I’d be spending the second FNO doing virtually the same thing I did on the first! Once I heard Gwen Stefani would be at Sephora signing her five new Harajuku Lovers perfumes, all previous plans were canceled.

When I arrived at Sephora to purchase my perfume that morning at 9:40am, I estimated that I was already about 60th in line. Luckily, my guess was correct, and I was able to purchase two of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes and get a wristband for the signing.

The store had already been decked out for the occasion:
Gwen at Sephora 3

Gwen at Sephora 5

I returned to Sephora about an hour before Gwen was due to arrive. Thankfully, I’d also been confirmed for press access for the blog, so I was able to set up in the photographer’s area while we all waited for Gwen. The line for the signing already stretched to the back of the store, and what seemed like a few hundred onlookers crowded around Sephora’s windows waiting to catch a glimpse of Gwen. It was nearly impossible for late arrivals to get inside! I heard a few anxious discussions about fans outside possible breaking the glass. It freaked out quite a few of us inside the store.

Gwen at Sephora 17
Onlookers practically smashed against the front doors.

While we waited, I captured some more of the atmosphere:
Gwen at Sephora 8

Gwen at Sephora 10

Gwen at Sephora 11
The perfumes! They all smelled so good.

Gwen at Sephora 12
The signing area.

Gwen at Sephora 16

Two of the Harajuku Girls came out for a photo op:
Gwen at Sephora 14

All of the sudden, the crowd began to cheer, and Gwen soon appeared:
Gwen at Sephora 18
Looking gorgeous, as usual. In Spring 2011 L.A.M.B.

More detail of the dress:
Gwen at Sephora 23

Gwen at Sephora 28

Gwen at Sephora 25

Gwen gave a few quick tv interviews about the perfumes:
Gwen at Sephora 32

Gwen discussing the new fragrances:

A close up of her amazing hair style:
Gwen at Sephora 34

The crowd outside had been going nuts the entire time, so Gwen decided to pay them a visit:
Gwen at Sephora 38
They nearly started a riot after Gwen appeared in the windows. I hear people were jumping on top of cars, and the entire block of Broadway in front of Sephora was impassable.

Gwen at Sephora 41
Grabbing the perfumes for another photo op.

Gwen at Sephora 52

About to start the signing:
Gwen at Sephora 57

My friend Veronica had been holding my spot in line while I finished my press coverage. Once the signing started, I hopped over, and we waited to meet Gwen.

Gwen at Sephora 58
Gwen signing for the woman in front of me.

Even though I met Gwen last year, I was nervous. She’s pretty much the only celebrity I actually consider a role model and an inspiration. Thankfully, she’s also hands down one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She just radiates kindness. While she was signing my perfume, we had a chance to quickly talk about me meeting her at the last FNO (Gwen said I looked familiar!), and I gave Gwen one of my moo business cards with her photo from a 2002 No Doubt show. She said she’d check out the photos, because she loves to see what fans shoot. She also signed a 5×7 copy of the same photo for me after I told her it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever shot.

Gwen Stefani 1
The photo in question.

We talked so much, eventually a security guard told me it was time to go! I feel very lucky that I had a chance to chat with Gwen again, and get my new “G” Harajuku Lovers perfume signed! The little felt-head bottles are absolutely adorable. I went home with G and Love (which smells a lot like grapes!). I can’t wait until the rest of the collection hits Sephora stores in November. I think I might have to buy them all!

See the full photo set here.

Thanks so much to Gwen, Sephora, and Coty for hosting this amazing event!

Gwen at Sephora 59
After the signing.

®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Betsey Johnson Tweezerman Designer Series Launch

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 1

Last night, I braved Nyc’s latest weather weirdness to attend the launch of Tweezerman’s Designer Series at Betsey Johnson in Soho. Betsey and Tweezerman have teamed up to create a trio of designs incorporating the classic tweezerman usability with Betsey’s iconic prints.

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 3

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 2

My trusty old plain black tweezers will now be retired in favor of a pair of these flashy pluckers. Next time I tweeze my brows, I’ll be using these skull print cuties:
Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 4

The event was jam packed full of guests, some of which sat down and had their brows done by Tweezerman pros:
Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 5

And of course, Betsey herself was there to join in the fun, posing for photos with everyone:

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 6

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 7

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 9
Betsey is seriously adorable, always laughing or smiling.

Gala Darling was also there, and managed to grab a photo of her and Betsey posing with a magazine she was in. She’s wearing Betsey in the editorial!
Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 10

I got a chance to chat with Gala (and shoot her outfit for a street style submission!). She was another total sweetheart. I started reading her blog when I first moved to nyc. It’s always nice to meet bloggers you’ve been following for ages!

Betsey Johnson X Tweezerman 13

I met a lot of fun people at the event! And of course I couldn’t leave with out getting a photo with Betsey:
I just wish I didn’t look like I’d chopped all my hair off! : )

The limited edition designer series slant tweezers launch September 1st, at Betsey Johnson stores, and at Sephora! They retail for $25 each.

I’m happy to announce I’ll be doing a GIVE A WAY with two of the pairs of tweezers! I’m keeping the skulls, but the winners will have their choice of the rose and face prints. All you have to do to enter is comment! I’ll be choosing the winners (via random number generator site) on Saturday. Good Luck!
Edit: We have our winners! #51– Natalie and #2 Ashley! Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

See the full photo set from the event here.

®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost

Betsey Johnson’s 68th Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday Betsey 1

Last night Betsey Johnson was generous enough to host a public party in her Soho store for all her customers and fans. Let me tell you, Betsey has a LOT of both!

I’m not sure how old I was personally when I first discovered Betsey Johnson, but I remember her being the first fashion designer I was really aware of, and later, in love with. Maybe it was years of reading Seventeen and YM, dreaming of someday going to Prom that first exposed me to Betsey. But her aesthetic, the tutus, crazy patterns, and bright colors weren’t far off from what I grew up wearing–my mother used to dress me in similar clothing from an amazing local boutique, sort of “betsey lite”, as a child.


Twenty odd years later, I never would have imagined I’d be going to Betsey’s fashion show, let alone her birthday bash in nyc! Before she had even arrived, the store was nearing capacity, with customers of all ages filling every corner of the boutique. I made a few rounds, taking photos and eating delicious mini treats, then decided to go outside to get some air. I ended up making the smart choice, because soon after, Betsey herself arrived–or so we thought.

A pink stretch mini-cooper containing several Betsey lookalikes arrived first:


Not long after, surprise! Betsey appeared across the street from the store, wearing a gorgeous pink dress, and riding a pink bike:



Betsey and the lookalikes posed on the pink carpet:


Betsey was touched when PAPER magazine’s photographer brought her some old fashion show photos as a birthday treat:

Betsey then went inside the store to meet and greet customers, and of course, be sung “Happy Birthday”.


Everyone working the event was dressed in their best Betsey finery, including their intern!

Happy Birthday Betsey 2


I went for a more heat conscious approach, but made sure to include some sparkle in my outfit, to get in a festive mood:

Random old black tee, long earrings from Arden B circa 2002, and a tank/vest from All Saints.

I think I left a trail of sequins all over New York City!

Kind of like the heart rose petals blowing up and down Wooster Street from the party:

I had so much fun at Betsey’s birthday bash, and feel incredibly lucky that I got to personally wish Betsey a happy birthday. If this is what she does for her 68th, I can’t wait to see what she has planned for her 70th!

See the full photo set here.

Alexander Wang Sample Sale: Starting Tomorrow!

EDIT: Looks like the sale is now open, a few hours early!

Earlier in the week while I was walking around shooting street style in Soho, I bumped into a bunch of interns unloading a truck full of clothing for the Alexander Wang sample sale.

Alexander Wang Sample Sale,The Greyest Ghost

I hung out for a few minutes watching the merchandise coming off the truck, but quickly decided there wasn’t anything I was really interested in. A lot of “sweats”: sweat pants, sweat shirts, sweat dresses, etc. Not really my thing. I didn’t see any shoes or bags being unloaded (what I’d be REALLY interested in), but has a preview of what’s to come and mentions a lot of accessories. Supposedly there will be over 8,000 items. The stacks of clothing I glimpsed before the windows were papered over were pretty massive. Madison Avenue Spy got a preview of the merch as well, and seemed to find better stock than what I saw. If there is something you desperately want, or you need a sold out size, I’d brave the expected insane line and check it out. Overall though, it doesn’t sound like the merch will be that much cheaper than current sale prices on sites like shopbop and La Garconne. The boots I wanted were (last time I checked) literally the same exact price online.

Alexander Wang,Alexander Wang,Sample Sale,Sample Sale,The Greyest Ghost,The Greyest Ghost