Editorial Outtakes: Preetma


While browsing files on my external hard drive last week, I came across these shots of Preetma Singh, from a Spring editorial I shot for a client– that was never published. They’re too beautiful not to share with the rest of the world, so I’m posting some of the outtakes here.

The shoot (about a girl getting ready for a night on the town) took place in the Warren Tricomi salon, on Manhattan’s UES.

One of my favorite shots. I love this multi-watch look!

Not only is Preetma beautiful, but she’s also amazingly intelligent, and kind!
An attorney who now works at VOGUE, you can catch her inspiring outfit posts, and life adventures on her blog Working Girl, Esq. Seriously–her blog is one of the few style blogs I still read on a regular basis. She’s right up there with Susie Bubble on my list of style bloggers who actually stimulate my creativity and make me want to dress better, and is one of my favorite street style subjects to capture at NYFW.

Preetma 1

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho: Outtakes

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (120)

Last week, I did a photo shoot with the Man Repeller at Tibi in Soho. As you may have seen from the earlier sneak peek I shared, it was quite the event! Dogs of all sizes, bicycles, and Sienna Miller inspired pants-less outfits were involved.

Tibi has the finished shots from fellow photographer Caroline on their blog, and Leandra shared some images from both of us on her site. I thought I’d post some more amazing photos from behind the scenes of one of the most hilarious photo shoots I’ve ever done.

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (2)

When I first arrived, Leandra was putting outfits together from the Spring ’11 collection, so I busied myself capturing some of the atmosphere.
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (15)

There are a lot of fun things to look at in the Tibi store. This was my first time visiting, so I really enjoyed the little touches, like Amy’s inspiration board and sketches:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (7)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (6)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (4)
I miss bright colors. Spring weather, please come soon!

The first shot was outside. Luckily, that morning the weather was on our side and it wasn’t too cold:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (8)
Leandra looking very “Saturday Night Fever”.

Proving she’s earned those harem pants, Leandra revealed she is actually a genie, and can fly:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (12)

Back inside, Amy helped Leandra style her next pick:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (17)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (21)

From cute summer frock to…something else:

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (28)

A sample fall ’11 skirt that Leandra loved on the runway happened to be in the store, so she got to play with that too!

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (33)

Back outside, things quickly got goofy:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (36)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (38)

Up the street, we spotted a massive tiger-striped dog. We all joked about using him for the shoot, so I said we should definitely ask to borrow him. And his owner said yes!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (44)

If you were wondering who was stronger, and you guessed Leandra, you were wrong:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (42)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (46)
Cracking up after getting yanked around.

Once the pooch was stationary, he was quite the model:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (49)

Another baby sized dog walked by, and the contrast between the two was quite hilarious:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (52)

Doggie #1 had to go, so we asked, and #2’s owner agreed to let her model too!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (55)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (63)

Back inside, there were a few more outfit changes:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (78)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (83)

Out on the cobblestone street, Leandra experimented with twirling, fake cab hailing, and directing traffic:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (86)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (87)
This move inspired a cab’s passenger to jump out and scream “get the hell out of the way!”. So rude.

Making use of all available props in the neighborhood, we found a freakishly tall bicycle:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (94)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (97)

Amy found a dress shirt/bodysuit combination, and accessorized it with DIY Tibi collar:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (98)

Add in black tights, and you have a Man Repeller meets Sienna Miller look!
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (102)

The ensemble earned Leandra some strange looks from those passing by. But a local handyman approved, and was so impressed he let her help fix some water pipes:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (105)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (107)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (110)

The final shot of the day (and my personal favorite): Leandra “trapped” in the Tibi store window:
Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (118)

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (125)

See the full (hilarious) photo set here.

Man Repeller at Tibi Soho (128)
Leandra and Tibi designer Amy Smilovic.

Loeffler Randall Spring 2011 Shoes:

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

I’m usually not a big fan of posting publicity photos, or photos I didn’t shoot myself here at The Greyest Ghost. That is unless I’m promoting another photographer, or I find the quality of a press photo or an editorial absolutely amazing. Luckily these photos from the Loeffler Randall Spring 2011 campaign, shot by Jamie Isaia, not only promote something I like (and want!) they’re totally beautiful!

After seeing some of the shoes in person at the S/S ’11 SUNO presentation, I fell in love with the patterned flat sandals in particular:
Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost
The Wedge Sandals, part of the SUNO X Loeffler Randall collaboration.

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

Loeffler Randall,Spring 2011,The Greyest Ghost

Just as pretty? The campaign video, featuring a song by Lykke Li:

LR Spring 2011 from Loeffler Randall on Vimeo.

Alejandro Ingelmo S/S 2011

Alejandro Ingelmo 15

More photos from my Fashion Week archives. I re-discovered these files stuffed between two fashion shows on my external hard drive. Which is fortunate, because these shoes are amazing!

Last September, I was able to make a quick stop over at the Alejandro Ingelmo show room with the ladies of Styled On. Inside, we found an overwhelming array of breathtakingly beautiful shoes.

Alejandro Ingelmo 13

Alejandro Ingelmo 12

Alejandro Ingelmo 10

Alejandro Ingelmo 3

Alejandro Ingelmo 5

Alejandro Ingelmo 9

Alejandro Ingelmo 8

Lucky for fashionable gentlemen everywhere, Alejandro also makes men’s shoes.
Alejandro Ingelmo 2

Alejandro Ingelmo 1

All Photos ®2011 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Rebecca Minkoff S/S 2011


Last September, Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2011 presentation at Lincoln Center’s “Box” showcased a collection exactly like most of us have come to expect: A mix of girly and sweet, chains and studs, mixed in with ladylike handbags and dresses. Only this season, there were shoes too!





Sneak Peak: Rebecca Minkoff
One of my personal favorites.


The collection was influenced by “a woman yearning for glamour, transfixed by reconstructed vintage and ’70s-inspired frocks.”




Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Rebecca’s collections never disappoint. With the addition of more variety of styles, there is literally a bag for everyone in her Spring 2011 line.

See the full photo set here.

®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Best of Betsey Johnson S/S 2011


Something happened to me the last quarter of 2010 that just seemed to make blogging harder than usual. Fashion Week took over my life, then the recovery from it. I started shooting more editorials and features. Then next thing I knew, I broke my foot, and life as I knew it hit a standstill. I’m still trying to catch up with the thousands of un-posted photos I shot this year. So I thought I’d start out with one of my favorite shows of S/S 2011: Betsey Johnson’s Le Tour de Betsey!



Sneak Peak Betsey Johnson







The fun, happy energy is always one of the best things about Betsey’s shows.


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Spring 2011 Fashion and Editorial Internships

I’ve been taking it easy and focusing a bit more on my personal life since fracturing my foot late last month. But I’ve managed to find a bunch of awesome spring internship opportunities to share with you. As I always say, for anyone trying to break into the fashion or publishing industries, interning is THE BEST way. Do as many as you can, as early as you can! I got my start in the magazine industry by doing an internship, and got a freelance editing job about a month after it ended.

Don’t forget to follow the application instructions. : )

Internships Via Ed2010.com:

SELF Magazine Fashion Internship
Paid Internship (!!!)
New York, NY
Self Magazine is seeking detail-oriented, hard-working fashion interns for spring semester. Candidates must be undergraduate students of accredited universities who can show proof that he/she will receive credit. Interns are responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of all samples coming into the closet, returning loaned items promptly and assisting the fashion team – including editors and directors. Fashion experience is a plus, but not necessary. This is a great way for someone seeking a future in fashion to get his/her foot in the door at a successful, busy magazine. Interest in fashion is a must. Interns will receive a $12/day stipend for a maximum of 49 internship days. Candidates must be able to work at least three days a week.
Posted 12/13/10
If interested, please send your resume to ola_matulaniec@condenast.com.

W Magazine Features/Editorial Intern

Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
W Magazine is looking for smart, savvy, well-organized, and
culturally-fluent undergraduates for an editorial/features internship
beginning January 2011, through the spring semester.
Interns will be asked to conduct research, pitch ideas, transcribe
interviews, and otherwise assist the editors. There may be opportunity to
write or blog for the website.
Candidates must be able to receive school credit for this position.
W is published by Conde Nast.
Posted 12/12/10

Harper’s Bazaar Spring Fashion Internship
Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
Harper’s Bazaar magazine is looking for interns for the spring 2011
semester. School credit is required. Responsibilities include sample check
ins/returns, prepping for photo shoots, managing the fashion closet, photo
research, creating story boards, faxing, filing, administrative tasks and
assisting the fashion and accessories market team with general duties. The
internship is structured for students looking to become fashion
editors/stylists. There is no writing involved.
Posted 12/12/10
Please submit resume and cover letter (stating your availability and confirming you are able to receive school credit) to sconly@hearst.com

Seventeen Magazine Art Internship
Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
Seventeen’s art department seeks motivated, detail-oriented, organized interns beginning ASAP and continuing through the spring semester. Internship is unpaid and college credit is a must! Must have knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and be extremely comfortable using InDesign.
Posted 12/12/10
Please contact Emily Addis at eaddis@hearst.com with resume and cover letter.

INTERVIEW Magazine Photo/Art Internship
Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
Currently INTERVIEW is looking for interns available for a Winter/Spring internship. We are searching for reliable individuals to work in the Art and Photography departments of the magazine. The internship offers extensive responsibilities such as working on location, performing creative research, location scouting etc. It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in production and publishing and allows for a very hands-on experience publishing industry experience.
Posted 12/12/10
Please contact photoassist@brantpub.com with resume and cover letter.

VOGUE Magazine Spring Features Intern
Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
The VOGUE Features department is seeking an exceptional student to intern in the office three days a week. As an editorial intern for VOGUE, you will be part of the inner workings of the magazine and required to balance several projects at a time. The ability to multitask and to work with enthusiasm and discretion is essential.
Posted 12/12/10
Please submit a cover letter, resume and any writing samples you believe will support your application to voguefeaturesintern@gmail.com

Glamour Magazine Accessories Internship
Paid Internship (!!!)
New York, NY
Glamour magazine is looking for 2-3 bright interns to help the accessories department during the Spring semester. Ideally, the candidates would be able to start right away, as they are extremely short handed. The internship is for credit and a $12/day stipend is also rewarded. The best candidates are extremely organized, dedicated, have a great memory and ability to multi-task.
It is not an easy internship, but it is very
rewarding and exciting all the same! They are looking for people who can work 2-5 days per week, while days begin at 9 AM and end anywhere from 6-8 PM.
Posted 12/12/10
If you fit these qualifications, love accessories and editorial work and want to be part of a great fashion publication, please email Alison at accesories.glam@gmail.com!

Cosmopolitan Spring Beauty Internship
Unpaid Internship
New York, NY
Cosmopolitan magazine is looking for a beauty intern for the Spring
semester. This is a great opportunity for beauty savvy students and
newcomers as well who want to get tons of hands-on experience. Your duties
will include organizing the beauty closet, filing, researching stories,
blogging for the website, calling in product samples, and pitching online
and print story ideas. Candidates should be enthusiastic about the subject
matter (experience a plus), be highly organized and proactive, and MUST be
able to receive school credit. We need someone who can work 2-3 days a week
beginning in January.
Posted 12/11/10
Please email cosmobeautyintern@gmail.com with your resume, cover letter and availability.

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Botkier Spring 2011 Preview


Earlier this week, I was invited to view Botkier’s Spring 2011 bag and shoe collections. Not surprisingly, I’m now lusting over a handful of new handbags, and a few pairs of sandals! I’ve always been one partial to mostly black accessories, but I’m starting to think this might just be the collection that breaks that habit.


Croc Clutch.

Love the hardware on this bag!

One of my favorites.



I’m not usually into snake prints, but I really love the color combination on these two bags!




Notice the slight metallic sheen to the leather!


Another favorite of mine:
My camera really didn’t do this color justice! It’s a beautiful bright neon yellow-green.

Matching accessories:

Made from the same materials, and in the same colors, the shoes and accessories all perfectly compliment the bags.





A closer look at one of my favorites:



Botkier’s Spring collection has a bag for everyone. Bags come in every possible size, tons of styles, and a wide variety of colors to choose from. From bohemian cut out leather, to neon, to snake skin. I love that whether you want something classic, flashy, or somewhere in between you can find it in this collection… and you can buy the shoes to match!


Matching ballet flats!

This bag is made of authentic water snake skin!


The first shipment hits stores in January! I can’t wait, even though I have a feeling this collection is going to be deadly for my bank account. : )

Thanks so much to Shine Media and Botkier for inviting me! And for the beautiful purple wallet I took home.

See the full photo set here.


Timo Weiland S/S 2011


WHO: Timo Weiland
WHAT: Spring 2011 Collection
WHERE: The Box, Lincoln Center






INSPIRATION: The sea in Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona”. Swedish Fjords.


Loved the pattern on these men’s pants!



Textured booties.


VERDICT: While most of the collection didn’t synch up with my personal style, I admired the bold use of prints, bright, intense colors, and the way classic pieces like blazers were updated with new nautical inspired twists.


More info: Timo Weiland

All Photos and Content ®2010 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost