Show Style: Susie Bubble at SUNO

Susie Bubble at SUNO F/W 2012
Wearing Topshop


NYLON’s 11th Anniversary Topshop Event

Similar to the NY Mag holiday shopping event I attended last fall, Topshop has now teamed up with NYLON to celebrate their 11th anniversary and Topshop and Topman’s first year in NYC with a private shopping party!


The party starts at 7pm. Not only do you get free food and drinks, you get 20% off purchases!!
I’ll be there with a couple of friends, shopping and snapping photos!

Don’t forget to RSVP to

Topshop Answers My Prayers

Can you tell I’ve been a bit obsessed* with shoes as of late? So imagine my shock when I saw that finally, someone has designed a suitable replica of the Ann Demeulemeester flat lace up boots I’ve been posting about for the past 6months.


Last year Pixie Market sold their own “designer inspired” version, which promptly sold out in less than a day. I’ve spent countless hours looking for a similar style with no luck. The flat boot just doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the heeled boots, making my search near impossible.

I am now so glad to say these shoes are on their way to my home, all the way from the UK:
Ann Demeulemeester,corset boot,flat lace up boot,topshop

The inspiration: the original Ann D flat boot.
Ann Demeulemeester,corset boot,flat lace up boot

Main differences between the two styles: the topshop version has bronze rivets, and a wedge heel.

The shoes are available for $80, but hurry– at least two sizes that were still up last night are now unavailable! Do a little google-ing, and you might just find yourself a topshop discount code.

* This post is dedicated to my fabulous blogger friend Jinah, who I’ve apparently been torturing with my recent lovely shoe posts. ❤

Topshop Jubilee

I was just browsing Topshop and came across more amazing holiday clothing and accessories. A few weeks back I freaked over the holiday collection at the NY Mag VIP shopping event. Looks like now there are even more shiny and sheer things to catch my eye and make me want to run as fast as I can to the Soho store.

This sequin dress needs to get in my closet asap:

As does this gorgeous sheer blouse:

Sadly I can’t wear heels (I had a bad knee/ankle injury a few years ago) but if I could I’d be buying these:


I love sequins!:

And stripes:


These bow platforms remind me of the Chanel bow booties Jane from Sea of Shoes wears a lot:

Something about the stitching on these heels makes it seem like they would fit right in in a Tim Burton movie:

NY Mag Topshop Holiday Style Event

Last night, Topshop closed to the public for the NY Mag sponsored Holiday Style Event. Everything in the store was 20% off!

Guests shopped and sipped prosecco while members of Au Revoir Simone DJ’d. This was the first non-stressful shopping experience I’ve ever had at Topshop. Normally the crowds of shoppers and tourists keep me away. But this time my experience was nothing but pleasant. I could move around the store freely, and not fight other shoppers for dresses in my size. And the gorgeous new holiday collection was all the more alluring priced at 20% off.

Get ready for holiday party season!

The holiday collection is full of lacy and sparkly and items. I saw quite a few sequined pieces straight out of my Grandmother’s closet, circa 1985. Many looked suspiciously similar to items I picked up on my last trip to a midwestern thrift store. Most of the collection was beautiful, but there were a few ridiculous items too, like lace crop tops and saggy-crotched sequin harem pants.

And then there was this:

What the hell?

I grabbed an armful of clothing and headed to the first floor dressing room, where the line was much smaller. Unfortunately, it was still about 100degrees. The bright topshop lighting that makes all the clothing look so pretty and your skin look amazing almost caused me to melt.

Case in point:

Me, in the lacy lavender holiday dress I ended up buying. Sweating my ass off.

The Christopher Kane NEON yellow dress I wish wasn’t so small in the chest. And not $200+

Photos do not do this yellow justice.

I found a few dresses I’d been drooling over earlier this summer marked down to $30. Unfortunately they didn’t work out, but they still looked pretty cute:

Vivenne Westwood-esque floral dress.

Red ballerina-ish dress.

Holiday Dress I almost bought:

Sadly, I could only get one.

But I had a lot of fun trying everything on:

Especially this:

I felt like a circus pony. I couldn’t even make a straight face.

This girl also liked the tiara/head dress:

Her friend insisted we take a photo together wearing it. : )

The tiara, and an insane feather necklace.

More shoppers. Look how un-crowded it was!

The event was soooo much fun. My only complaint: I literally had to stalk the waiters with champagne for twenty minutes, through all three floors of the store before I could grab a glass. It appeared as if one server was manning the entire store–at least until I finally got my glass, and then had to decline the second server who appeared less than five minutes later.

I ended up going home with a new party dress, that ridiculous head dress (which I bought for the themed New Year’s party I plan on throwing, but might return because it’s so silly. Even though it somehow rang up 25% off!), and a pair of silver sequined fingerless gloves. Clearly I’m either secretly an eccentric 85 year old grandma, or a drag queen at heart.

TopShop F/W ’09


Upcoming looks from the Boutique line, via TopShop’s blog.

Photos of TopShop’s fall line are all over the web, with some pieces already in store and online. Now even more fabulous photos of upcoming top shop collections have been released! I’m especially loving the Vivienne Westwood inspired cuts of the Highland Fling Collection.

top shop

top shop

top shop

Horror Girls collection:

top shop

more highlights