Coming Soon: Event Photos!

The past two weeks I’ve been busy attending some pretty spectacular events, and gone on a few fun photo expeditions. Which of course means the rest of my life would decide to pick up speed at the same time and disrupt my posting schedule. I’m a bit behind on blogging now, with sorting through a couple hundred photos and catching up with some personal things I have going on. All while trying to plan my upcoming birthday party, and a trip to Brimfield.

Here are a few sneak peaks of whats to come in the following days once things slow down:

Charlaine Harris Signing 4
Charlaine Harris Book Signing at Barnes and Noble.

Charlaine Harris Signing 7
Me, Very Excited to Have My Book!

Jet & Aneta
Behind the scenes of a film by Aneta Genova of Bobbin Talk.

Jet & Dolly 5
The Film’s Stars.

Martha Stewart Show Studio
My Visit to the Martha Stewart Show!

Hole 2
Courtney Love, of Hole, at at Terminal 5.

True Blood Returns!

Last week, it was announced that season 3 of True Blood (one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows!) will be premiering Sunday, June 13th on HBO. Today, the first promo poster was posted over at Entertainment Weekly.

true blood,the greyest ghost

Season 2 is currently re-running every Sunday night on HBO. With short sneak peaks of season 3 airing immediately after the episodes!

The first season 3 teaser:

If like me, you’re also a big fan of the books that inspired the series, you can catch author Charlaine Harris signing the newest book in the addictive Sookie Stackhouse series, “Dead in the Family” on May 4th at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC.

true blood,the greyest ghost,charlaine harris,barnes and noble,nyc

More info here.

True Blood is Real!

True Blood, one of my favorite TV and book series, now has it’s own official beverage!


You can pre-order a 4 pack of Tru Blood, a blood orange flavored soda from the Official HBO store at

It ships right in time for the September 12th series finale! This show has some of the best promotional material out there. A lot of people were very curious about the “Tru Blood, Drink Responsibly” promotional posters when they popped up last summer. I even found glasses and coasters at random bars around NYC before the first season had premiered. And now the show has its own drink!


For the most up to date True Blood info from comic con, including Charlaine Harris announcing signing on for THREE more Sookie Stackhoue novels, follow True Blood on Twitter!

Watch the exclusive Comic Con teaser trailer here.


The night you’ve been thirsting for is finally here!


I’ve been waiting for season two since last summer! It feels like ages ago that I first saw the un-aired pilot version (missing scenes and all!) of True Blood and fell in love with the show. I’m so impatient, I actually just called and ordered HBO so I can see the show at the premiere time tonight, and not have to wait a day or two for downloads.

Eric is one of my favorite characters, and after book 2 “Living Dead in Dallas” he starts to have a larger presence in Sookie’s life. So I can’t wait to see how they incorporate his character into the various storylines. I find him much more interesting than Bill. And his sidekick Pam is so bitchy, it’s hilarious.

Photobucket Such a hottie!

I’ve loved Anna ever since “The Piano” came out!

Even though I (sadly) know his fate in the books, I can’t wait to find out if Alan Ball sticks closely to the storyline and does away with Lafayette.


*So Excited!*

Check out these awesome True Blood themed cupcakes I found on Flickr (via the trending topics on Twitter):