Jazz Age Lawn Party: Summer 2014

Jazz Age Lawn Party - Summer 2014 033

The Jazz Age Lawn Party, held two weekends a year on NYC’s Governor’s Island, is my hands down favorite “Summer in New York” event to attend. This year, for the first time, I went in both June and August.

I still had a blast, but my first visit in June was very hot, and the event seemed weirdly overcrowded (a first in the many years I’ve been attending). Yesterday’s event was much more laid back, and the weather was pleasant– making it even easier to run around and capture so many amazingly dressed guests in all of their finery. With a few breaks to sip champagne and picnic with friends of course.

Needless to say, if you ever have the chance to attend— GO. This is one of those words cannot do it justice type of gatherings. So I’ll just let the images do all the talking from here.

Jazz Age Lawn Party - Summer 2014 001

Jazz Age Lawn Party - Summer 2014 002

Jazz Age Lawn Party - Summer 2014 003
Lynn Yaeger

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Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 153

One of my favorite bi-annual NYC events happened last weekend— The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island!

I harass my friends about going every year. They always debate whether or not it’s really as awesome as I make it sound…and then they see my photos, and regret not going! Never fear though: if you missed it, it happens again in August.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 157

For this year’s June weekend of festivities, I attended the party on Saturday. A first, and honestly, not something I’m sure I’d do again. The past two years, I’ve gone on Sunday, which always seems to be more lively, and full of more dressed up, dedicated party-goers.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 140

Either way, it was still fun, drinking in the sun, taking photos, and making some new friends. I don’t, however, recommend attending after you’ve had a late night out with friends. I was a bit late heading out, and only caught the last 2 hours of the event. (I won’t make that mistake again!)

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 132

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 136
Photographed by Zak Knudsen.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 138

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 198
Me, looking a little kooky.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 139
Menswear! So cute.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 141

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 142

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 144
I saw this adorable little girl everywhere that day.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 145
A familiar face from last year.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 146

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 147

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 148

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 149

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 151

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 150

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 152
Too much fun in the sun?

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 154

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 158

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 159
More menswear!

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 160

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 162
Zak and the tower o’ beer!

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 163

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 166

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 167

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 169
These two win best dressed couple of the day!

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 172

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 173

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 175

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 176

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 177

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 178

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 179

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 180

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 181

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 182

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 184

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 186
New friends I made on the ferry ride over!

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 188

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 187

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 189

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 190

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 191

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 193

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 192

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 195

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 196
Watermelon love.

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012 197

The Jazz Age Lawn Party official website.

See the full photo set here.

All Photos and Content ®2012 Rachel Scroggins/The Greyest Ghost

Best of 2011 Street Style

Street Style- Best of 2011 33

The new year is here, and what better way to look back than featuring some never before seen images from my street style archives. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely be longing for warm summer days after seeing most of these!

Street Style- Best of 2011 4
Chelsea Leyland

Street Style- Best of 2011 3
Chelsea Leyland in Jen Kao F/W ’11

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California Dreaming

The Painted Ladies

Earlier this month, I took advantage of some free air miles I’d earned since moving to NYC, and flew out to San Francisco, to visit some friends and do some sightseeing.

California 18

I loved all of the amazing architecture around the city, especially all of the old Victorian houses, and the Painted Ladies around Alamo Square Park.

California 17

California 16
Cynthia from Style Wylde in front of the Painted Ladies

California 19
Aleister Crowley’s old house. Creepy!

California 22
A new friend.

California 26

California 12

I was lucky enough to catch the Alameda Point Antiques Fair that weekend, where I picked up some amazing vintage pieces, like an old kimono, a sari, and some Japanese paper art prints.

California 2
There was plenty of cool old “junk” for sale.

California 4

California 6
My friend Eliza modeling an old hat.

California 10
…and a fur coat

California 8
A much different kind of fur coat.

California 11
Metal menagerie.

California 5
A wannabe Marty McFly, hitching a ride.

California 13
Eliza’s dog Colonel Mustard, post-flea trip.

Later in the week, I did more sightseeing:

California 30

California 31

California 29

California 32
I managed to battle the Muni (bus system) and get to the Golden Gate on my own!

California 35
Australian tourists took my photo.

California 38
I walked half-way across the bridge.

California 37
I didn’t jump.

California 40

California 41

Then I made it to Chinatown:

California 42

California 45

California 46

California 47

California 48
Bought plenty of souvenirs. But not this strange pillow I saw on display.

California 50
Met a lion.

California 52

California 53
Cute little street car.

California 54
The tiny little underground map.

California 55
A 1 car train!

California 57
Dolores Park

California 56

California 59
Acrobats in training.

California 61

California 62
Not pictured: the hippy drum circle playing in the park.

California 64
Hippy or Metal-head?

California 66

I met up with Julio (who I’ve known since 2005, via my first blog, but had never met in person!) for some insanely cheap vintage shopping:
California 68
Sadly, he did not buy this jacket.

I took home 2 old lacy lingerie inspired tops and a dress –all for TEN DOLLARS– via a vintage by the pound store.

On our way home, we stopped by Clarion Alley to photograph the beautiful street art that lines the entire alley:

California 69

California 73

California 75

California 76

California 77

California 78

We saw quite a few artists in action:
California 79

California 82

California 83

California 84

While it’s safe to say things like thrift shopping and even street art are better on the west coast, by the end of the week, I couldn’t be happier to be a New Yorker, and be heading home. I missed the big city, the ease of (nearly) all-encompassing public transportation, and the hustle and bustle of New York life.
California was fun, but the trip really affirmed by choice to move to the East Coast over 5 years ago, instead of heading out west.

* I also shot some street style while I was on vacation, which will hopefully be up on StyledOn in the near future.

See my full photo album here.

Rent the Runway Goes Vintage Party


Last night, I braved the torrential downpour to head down to the What Goes Around Comes Around SoHo store to celebrate their new collaboration with Rent the Runway: Starting today, you can now rent vintage Chanel accessories via their site!

Modeling the jewelry:


RTW co-founder Jennifer Hyman showing off some of the Chanel bags.

I got to see (and touch) some of the items available, while sipping delicious passion fruit cocktails.

DJ Rajni

Dance Party

Sidney from Krupp Group and Daphne

Sidney x Chanel

The jewelry and bags are gorgeous, and in perfect condition. Insuring that if you rent a piece, you’ll be getting something impeccable — which is never a sure thing buying vintage Chanel from somewhere like ebay. And of course, by renting (for around $150-350) you will literally save thousands of dollars!

Sign up, and start renting here!

The 2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party- (4)

The Jazz Age Lawn Party, held bi-annually on Governor’s Island, is my hands down favorite NYC event of the summer. I first fell in love with the party last August.

There’s nothing like spending the day on Governor’s Island, enjoying old time-y dancing, picnic lunches, tasty drinks, and amazing jazz age inspired fashion. The street style at the Jazz Age party cannot be beat! Sadly, I’ll be missing the August event this year. But I did manage to make it over to the party this past Sunday. With the help of the new East River Ferry, my journey was cut in half! I’d definitely recommend using that as your mode of transport if you’re based in Brooklyn, like I am.

This summer, the event was bigger than ever! I made so many wonderful new friends. If I took your picture, say hi! The photos really speak for themselves, so I’ll cut this short, and get on to the good stuff. 😉

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party-
As soon as we encountered the line to get in, we already ran into some amazing fashion.

Sneak Peek: Jazz Age Lawn Party 1

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party- (2)
Beautiful homemade headdress.

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party- (3)

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party- (5)
I frequently see both of these ladies at events around NYC. They always look amazing! Definitely my favorite photo of the day.

2011 Jazz Age Lawn Party- (6)
Parasol pretty.

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Pier Antiques Show Review

Pier Show 7

Two weekends ago, my friend Bella and I ventured uptown to check out the bi-annual Pier Antiques show. As I mentioned a few posts back, I was really excited to finally attend the show, since I seem to miss it every year. I’m so glad we went, because it was a total blast!

Pier Show 4

Thanks to a kind older woman who stopped us on the way in, we both got in for free! Saving us each $15.
(I spent that $15, and a little bit more on two gorgeous vintage hats, and an old circus promo poster.)

Pier Show 9
A beautiful feather hat. The hat I bought is similar, but much smaller.

Pier Show 10

Pretty much any vintage designer or collectible you’d want to buy was represented at the Pier show. We skipped over a lot of the furniture dealers, but spent multiple hours browsing the clothes. I saw everything from Chanel and Hermes handbags, vintage art books, 60’s bar ware, rooms of mad men-esque furniture, to 1930’s ball gowns, and bakelite jewelry.

Pier Show 14

A large selection of vintage fabrics for sale:
Pier Show 8

A perfect condition shearling and leather Balenciaga bomber was another highlight (for about $900). But one of the coolest things we saw by far—entire sets of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage.
Pier Show 12

Pier Show 13

Rare celebrity and historical autographs were available too. Including items from Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Some were fetching prices upwards of $25,000!!

Pier Show 3
Mini perfumes.

Pier Show 2
Salt shakers.

Pier Show 1
Hysterical old school XXX novels.

Pier Show 11

A few booths in particular were treasure troves for 1920’s and 30’s silk and chiffon dresses. I fell in love with so many, I wanted to take them all home.
Pier Show 6

Until I looked at the price tags that is—most were around $950!! It would be one thing if they had been designer ball gowns. But the majority of the dresses were hand made, no name dresses, that were sadly NOT in perfect condition. A good 90% of the dresses had visible stains or tears.

Pier Show 5
My dream dress, one of the few in near perfect condition. Too bad it costs more than my rent.

When the pier show returns once again in March 2011, I’ll be going back. A lot of the merchandise was priced higher than expected. I’m used to seeing vintage clothing up to $300 or so, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around damaged clothing being in the $900 range. That’s still just shocking to me. Brimfield (which shares some dealers with the pier shows) is still overall a much better show if you’re after bargains, but there were still deals to be had here. The hats I bought were both less than $30each. The poster just $10. I saw a lot of other non-designer items for cheap. The show is definitely worth going to if you are a big fan of vintage, an experienced collector, or just someone who likes to look at old collectibles.

Pier Antiques Show

One of the best antique and vintage sales in NYC is happening this weekend! I’ve been so busy, I almost forgot to post this. But I’m so excited that I’m finally going to get to go– I’ve missed this bi-annual event something like 2 years in a row! My friend Isabel is in town from LA, and we’re both completely freaking out over this show.

pier antiques show,the greyest ghost
November 13-14, 2010
Pier 94, 12th Ave.@ 55th St., NY
500 Exhibitors plus FASHION ALLEY & Vintage Collecting. Admission: $15
“NY’s largest art, antiques, style & collecting event”

I’ve heard of people getting incredible deals on vintage clothing and designer goods at the Pier show. I’ll be bringing my camera, so expect a full report some time next week!

More info on the show here.