Urban Outfitters and Sam Edelman Take on Balenciaga, Again

Sam Edelman Zoe, $345

I’ve been reading about the Sam Edelman/Balenciaga harness “hoof boot” knockoffs for what seems forever. I first saw them last January on Jazzi McGilbert’s blog, where they popped up again a year later. Rumors started circulating that they were going to become available again– they were so popular, Sam Edelman decided to re-release them! Now suddenly, they are everywhere! In the last week they popped up on Gala Darling.

What do I find today, while looking for the perfect pair of (flat) fall boots? Another knockoff (a knockoff of a knockoff?) version on Urban Outfitters !
We Who See Nash Wedge Bootie, $88. Also available in grey.

According to Gala Darling, the Sam Edelman boots are comfortable. But I’m not so sure if I’d feel the same wearing them. I’ll never forget the time I was freelancing at Hearst on the same floor as Bazaar, and witnessed an editor wearing the original Balenciaga pair slowly stumbling down the hall towards the bathroom. I complimented her gorgeous shoes, but was secretly thankful for my ballet flats after witnessing her inability to walk in the Balenciagas.

The Original: Balenciaga Harness Boot, Fall 2006

Mary Kate Olsen, one of the original fans of the hoof boots, in Balenciaga.

The Sam Edelman Zoe boots are available at Jildor, Foot Notes, and for pre-order at one of my favorite stores, Nasty Gal Vintage. Edit: The Zoe boots are now available at Nasty Gal!


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