OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 046

Fall 2015 marked the first show for the Oscar de la Renta brand, since the loss of it’s beloved namesake last October.

A veil of secrecy hung around the premiere of new Creative Director Peter Copping’s runway debut. No backstage access was granted this season, security was tighter, and the venue itself was darker, making the whole thing feel shrouded in mystery.

Oscar’s absence was like a hole in the room. Gone was the light, Joie de vivre most usually found at ODLR shows. But all was not lost: replacing it was a new sense of maturity, sexiness, and glamour, that made me feel more as if I was at a show somewhere like Milan, and not New York. Shiny, and new. Different.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 003

Yet while things were drastically changed from seasons past, they were not bad. Reminders of Oscar staples were everywhere. Suit jackets, the big gowns, floral prints, and impeccable accessories.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 004

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 008

Oscar without Oscar…hurts, and will be sorely missed. It’s unfortunate he and Peter Copping never got that chance to work together, as Oscar had wanted. No one can ever replace Oscar de la Renta. Ever. And while I’m curious to see how things transition in the future, Peter Copping did a wonderful job continuing Oscar’s long legacy of celebrating femininity and creating beautiful clothing that many women would dream of wearing.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 011

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 014

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 017
Karlie Kloss (who watched, instead of walking the show) and Taylor Swift.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 019

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 022

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 027

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 028

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 035

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 036

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 041

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 047

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 051

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 054

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 056

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 058

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 063

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Fall-Winter 2015 067

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TANYA TAYLOR Fall-Winter 2015 057

Tanya Taylor is the creator of some of my favorite prints and textures shown at NYFW. They are always ladylike, yet never boring. And each season I find myself wishing I could buy the majority of what she sends down the runway. I’m a big fan of dresses, and her dresses– well, they impress.

Along with creating great fabrics, Tanya also designs some wonderful complimentary accessories. Frequently including things such as bags, belts, and hair embellishments.

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CHROMAT Fall-Winter 2015 069

CHROMAT is undoubtedly one of the most interesting brands showing at NY Fashion Week. Their shows are never just ‘models walking down a runway’. They’re a unique spectacle, showcasing some of the most innovative, and architectural clothing of the week. Who else uses glowing LCD lights strapped onto models’ clothing, and foreheads? No one.

Designer Becca McCharen keeps things fresh by reimagining and reinterpreting Chromat’s original cage lingerie and body garments in new ways each season. For fall, that included the addition of feathers, 3d printed jewelry, and more swimwear.

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DELPOZO Fall-Winter 2015 109

Delpozo is unlike any other brand currently showing at New York Fashion Week. Elegant, impeccably tailored clothes, with gorgeous handmade embellishments that out-do much of what is shown on modern runways. The closest I can liken the experience to, is a less theatrical version of attending a Thom Browne show. And while both would seem more at home somewhere amongst the Paris couture shows, they stand out in a sea of “average”, and are the highlights of my NYFW show list.

Backstage, the works of painter Andrey Remnev served as inspiration for the collection, and the beauty, which translated into a look meant to mimic by “solid gold”.

DELPOZO Fall-Winter 2015 004

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HONOR Fall-Winter 2015 025

Since their NYFW debut 5 years ago, HONOR has become one of the most reliable brands around for gorgeous, whimsical womenswear. For Fall 2015, designer Giovanna Randall was inspired by the forest, a theme which presented itself in both the collection, and the show’s set design. Both of which completely blew me away.

Backstage, the inspiration was classic Catherine Deneuve, with 70’s inspired hair, and girlish headbands featured on models.

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Rachel Antonoff Fall-Winter 2015 006
Rachel Antonoff Fall-Winter 2015 021

This season featured hair by Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken, that was parted in the middle to capture the “school girl” look. To get the look: hair was curled in small sections, while left straight in others. Redken Pillow Proof was used to add texture, and the look was finished with Fashion Work 12 Hairspray to set.

The finished look:
Rachel Antonoff Fall-Winter 2015 015

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Katie Gallagher Fall-Winter 2015 082

Long one of my favorite young fashion designers, Katie Gallagher is also one of the most creative minds in the NYC fashion world. Season after season, every single detail of her collections conspires to create not just a clothing collection, but an entire new conceptual “world” inspired by her current theme.

For Fall, the collection was inspired by synesthesia, “a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.”

Clothing wise, this translated to colorblocking, structured pants, and slinky slip dresses. Many of which were topped off with witch-like hoods on the models’ heads.

Katie Gallagher Fall-Winter 2015 014

//As is tradition at Katie’s shows, the hair and makeup complimented the theme perfectly. MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings (a frequent Katie Gallagher collaborator) created a striking red lip that matched the corresponding red pieces in the collection .

Katie Gallagher Fall-Winter 2015 046

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Ammerman Schlösberg Fall-Winter 2015- Backstage 011

I was only allowed backstage at the FW15 Ammerman Schlösberg show for a few brief moments. But that small window of time was enough for me to see that the shows hair and makeup were likely to be one of the most unusual beauty looks of the season.

Ammerman Schlösberg Fall-Winter 2015- Backstage 004

Mark Carrasquillo and the SEPHORA PRO team created the look, which was inspired by the clothing collection’s “Furry Hospital” theme. Featuring pale skin, glittery smokey eyes, and on some models– fake blood.

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Sneak Peek- Katie Gallagher Fall-Winter 2015 004
Backstage at Katie Gallagher F/W 2015

Starting Monday February 23rd, check back for full in depth photographic reports from backstage, and the runways of over two dozen New York Fashion Week shows. Until then, everyone have a wonderful (cold!) weekend!



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